I would like to drink something different aside from water but nothing of my liking is available.


I will be okay

People can’t quite understand, the sorrow they put me through, mentally. Perhaps its is all in the mind. Because compared to others, I think mine is a less of a problem. But I’m feeling it, I’m feeling down.

But here I am. Struggling to be okay. I will be okay. I will be.

party dress code panic

that moment when you have a party to attend to and you panic cause u dont want to go underdressed or overdressed.

so which is a safer choice?

i say none of the above. you’ve got to play by the rules.
how to prevent yourself from being under or overdressed in an event?

1. ask your mates who’ll also go to the party what are they wearing then you assess.
should you have a lot of preparations or not, that is up to the pulse of majority.

2. consider most the opinions of mates you think are close to your style. there are those people in your organization who you consider as benchmarks in dressing up. so ask what they’ll gonna be wearing, then it’s up to you to spice up your attire from their base.

i know inside of us, we really wanna stand out. but when dress code seems so hazy, gauge yourself base on majority. haha

Project Love Story

I went to that place with work as my sole purpose
then I met you there and you made my life like a circus
we started as friends, my mayday in agony
until you confess, that started our journey

I have to take the time off when you took a full turn
you revealed your feelings to me then I was afraid that I might burn
I was extremely scared Β so I said no, yet you persist
that even scared me more so I said no again, but you still insist

then you felt stupid pushing yourself to me when I keep on rejecting
just then I realized, I have feelings for you that has been growing
so I took the risk and made a brave choice
I gave you my yes, despite saying it with a squeaky voice

we were happy as friends, but happier as lovers
I am in the peak of my life, I don’t want this to be over
we do have bad times, and then have bad break-ups
but those don’t last long, we still find each other and do make-up

you made my work fulfilling when I know I get home to you at night
despite the many phone calls that sometimes end in a fight
all those weekends and getaways I spend time with you,solely and only you
are the times I treasure the most, they were so precious and so true

but my time to that place is about to end
I have to go home now, I cannot anymore extend
we made promises that we can survive even when we’re apart
no distance can stop us, we believe that from the start

at first we were fine, very very fine
we remained strong, I was yours and you were mine
but then everything changed, you wrecked me all of a sudden
when I discovered all your lies that were all well hidden

you hurt me to the core, I feel beaten then I drowned
all my hopes and dreams for us come crashing to the ground
you wrecked me, you broke me, how dare you did this to me
when all I did to you was being yours truly

I wish it was not true, I wish it was just a dream
and when I wake up, it’s my name that you’ll scream
I am furious to you now but yet I am still hoping
that we’ll be able to fix this, don’t rush in your decision-making

now a girl who is not me, is who you gonna marry
I don’t know how much more pain I am able to carry
I wish I could go there and stop your ceremony
but I can’t do anything since you don’t anymore choose me

despite all that you’ve done, it’s still you that I’m still loving
I’ll just love you from a distance, with your child in me growing
maybe it’s not yet our time today maybe you’re my “the one that got away”
but someday we might find each other again, where everything is already okay.

Hey there! I wrote this poem having my friend as the inspiration. This is her story, a chapter in her life that I am so familiar with. It’s worth sharing through a poem. πŸ˜‰


I have her permission before publishing this online. πŸ™‚

When you’re in love…………with a book boyfriend.

Being in love is the best feeling one could actually feel. Life is incomplete without experiencing how is it to be in love; but what if…… you fall in love with a guy you just read in a book? how is it gonna be then?
The following things happen when you’re in love………..with a book boyfriend: πŸ˜‰

  1. You can’t put the book down

    You are so engrossed with the story and excited how things might go. Then you realized, you’re attached with the leading man, so you stay late at night reading. Then on the next day, despite having a pile of work to do, you insert in your schedule a reading time. The day doesn’t end without you opening the damn book.

  2. He keeps filling in your head

    The moment you close your book, that feeling you felt the entire time reading the book stays with you. The character of your book boyfriend stays on your mind. You’ll be daydreaming… Even when you take a bath, ride a vehicle or go anywhere, at the back of your brain, your guy is existing. Most of all,Β when you stroll in the mall or at the streets or somewhere, you hope to meet him. πŸ™‚

  3. You associate your book boyfriend to someone famous close to his description

    Ryan Guzman as Travis Maddox, Devin Paisley as Kellan Kyle, Nick Bateman as Miles Archer,,,your POV, your call. Since these book boyfriends are just in the books, someone alive closely resembling him would be your emblem of your book bae. It’s kinda nice to see him in flesh.. coincidence occur anyway πŸ™‚

  4. You wanted the book to be in the big screen or be adapted in a t.v. series

    Since you got an actor, why not push the film rights? have you tried signing up for a petition to have your book boyfriend come to life in the big screen? or googling possible updates if there’s a slight hope for a t.v. adaptation? well, it indicates how badly you want him alive; even just for an act and see the entire book in a motion picture!

  5. Your book boyfie affects how you now perceive life

    There are certain people that we meet along the way that could have an impact in our life. Yet these people could not necessarily be real persons, a book boyfriend will do. How you envision your future and how you now think could be shaped up by him. Reading him must have been meant to happen for a purpose.

These men that we dream of are just products of the imaginative minds of their respective authors. The creators of those characters were so brilliant enough to put our dream boy into writing. In a way, we feel a connection for being one with them in having the same taste in men.

However, we must always remember that our book boyfriends do not really exist and they are just merely written. Your one true love could never be a man on paper, but a real one breathing. He may not be as perfect as your book bae but he sure as hell reciprocates your feelings and show you what love really is. You might not meet him the way the book narrates, but life is full of mystery and magic. You might have a better and more meaningful love story worth publishing for πŸ˜‰